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Sports Betting Review

Who Makes The Betting Line?

The world’s leading odds-making company and the most respected authority on making Betting Lines is the Las Vegas Sports Consultants (LVSC). Typically there are 4-5 oddsmakers assigned to make lines for each of the major sports, like pro and college football and basketball; MLB, NHL, boxing and golf. Each of these oddsmakers bring their unique opinions, strengths and weaknesses to the process. Their approach is based on thorough research and is to the point. Their aim is to attract equal sports betting action on both sides.

How is the Opening Line made?

Each odds-maker creates the first line based on their personal approach, which includes up-to-date power ratings on each team. This is then sent to the sportsbook. Power ratings are the odds-maker’s value of each team. This is used as a guide to calculate a "preliminary" point-spread on a forthcoming game. The power ratings are adjusted after each game a team plays. The non-gaming factors that would require an adjustment to a team's power rating are key player injuries and player trades. Then the oddsmaker will make adjustments to that line after considering each team's recent games played and previous games played against that opponent. The coaches and the other players’ opinions and betting patterns are also taken into consideration. The last step is to determine whether the line feels right which is purely based on past experiences and common sense. After a detailed discussion, a consensus line is decided upon by the Odds Director before it is finally released to the sportsbook.

Why does the Line change?

Once the opening line is released by LVSC, individual sportsbooks decide if they want to make any adjustments before offering it to the public. The reasons for these are many.

Experts working for the individual sportsbooks have their own opinion on the game

Individual books may have players who may their own betting tendencies such as an extreme bias toward favorites or toward a certain popular team. The final aim is to equally divide the sports betting action.

Once betting begins, sportsbooks can adjust the line at any time. They attempt to make the underdog more attractive and by moving the line, sportsbooks can influence how the public bets on a particular game.

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